Rachel Rose O'Brien performs on The Voice

Rachel Rose O'Brien performs on The Voice

Raise Your Voice

Photography graduate Rachel Rose O’Brien was one of the lucky few to audition in front of the four famous coaches on ITV’s The Voice.

Singing from a young age, Rachel has always had a passion for music. Following her graduation in 2010, Rachel threw herself into her solo music career where she wrote and released an EP, an album, and sung on legendary stages such as Glastonbury, Wembley and Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club.

Seeking a different kind of exposure for her music, Rachel was encouraged to audition for The Voice, a television music competition with famous celebrity judges will.i.am, Jennifer Hudson, Sir Tom Jones and Gavin Rossdale. The judges sit with their backs to the stage while performers sing and only turn their chairs if they want to take contestants through to the next stage of the competition.

On the morning of the audition, Rachel headed to the studio for a long day of interviews, filming, rehearsals and the performance, where she met presenter Emma Willis.

She explained: ‘When I was told to go the stage, the butterflies kicked in. The adrenaline was so strong and I only had 90 seconds to give the performance everything I had.’

Rachel auditioned during the first round of the competition where she was put to the test through the ‘blind audition’. Performing a rendition of Ellie Goulding’s Love me like you do, Rachel gave her best performance.  

Although none of the judges had turned their chair to take her through to the next round, Rachel was overwhelmed when she witnessed the audience get to their feet and start applauding.

Rachel added: ‘I can honestly say it was one of the best things I have ever done. From the people I met, the vocal coaches I worked with, the band I performed with, and the stage I sang on, the whole thing was a dream from beginning to end.’

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