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Don't get fleeced when booking your summer holiday

Don't get fleeced when booking your summer holiday

Guest blogger - Nathan Cable

Guest blogger - Nathan Cable

If you have yet to book your summer holiday, check out these five tips this month’s guest blogger and co-founder of Party Hard Travel, 2011 accounting alumnus Nathan Cable, has given us on how to book safely.

Remember how good it used to feel when you were a kid and it was the summer? Six weeks to do whatever you wanted, no school, no worries, just a total commitment to having a good time! That’s why we love our summer holidays so much. It’s like being a kid again! Waking up on your first day of your holiday and your only job is to enjoy yourself. There’s nothing quite like that summer holiday feeling, and even just booking a holiday is enough to get us feeling excited. So if you’re planning on grabbing a slice of the feel-good factor by booking your summer holiday, here’s my advice to ensure it all goes to plan.

1) Get some holiday inspiration
Where do you fancy then, an all-inclusive somewhere exotic, living it up in the superclubs of Ibiza, or discovering a new city? There is so much holiday choice now that you can be adventurous when it comes to your holiday. If you’re short on holiday inspiration, Instagram is a good way to research different destinations, hotels, activities and resorts and you can get a good idea of what a place is all about and whether it’s the right holiday for you.

2) Book wisely
If you’re booking your holiday independently and need to arrange flights then it’s useful to know that the cheapest day to book is said to be a Monday. If you’re researching lots of sites and going back repeatedly, then clear your cookies so flight prices don’t go up. You can also save money by searching for flights across the month, grabbing the cheapest deals, then booking the rest of the holiday to match.

3) Look for ATOL protection
It’s easy to assume that you’re automatically covered when you book a holiday but the only way of ensuring you are fully covered is by looking to see if the holiday company has ATOL, TTA, ABTA or AITO protection, particularly if you’re booking parts of your holiday independently. An ATOL licence means you’ll get a full refund for your holiday if the booking company goes out of business before you travel, or they’ll ensure you get to finish your holiday and get you home if it happens whilst you’re there.

4) Check out the reviews
Most people will check out the reviews for a hotel before they book it, but how often do you check out the actual company you’re booking a holiday with? Sites likes Reviews make this easy, you’ll hear from real customers about how the company approaches customer service and the quality of their products and services.

5) Plan your activities
We’ve all done it- the old ‘I’ll sort that out when I get there’ trick. Problem is, that things are often a lot more expensive in resort. Take event packages as an example, book them in advance with Party Hard Travel and they cost £129 for the Ultimate Events Package (the Essential Events Package is free with a holiday booking). In resort, a similar package would cost over £200. And it’s the same with car parking, attraction tickets and other activities like trips and excursions. It’s great to be spontaneous on holiday, but have a think about the activities you want to do and research whether it’s cheaper to book in advance- in almost all cases the answer will be yes!

Press information

Party Hard Travel http://www.partyhardtravel.com/ aim to provide guests with the ‘best week of their lives’. Incorporating the biggest events/parties free with every holiday package combined with their innovative approach to customer service, they are the fastest growing business in the sector and are on course to meet their target to become market leader in party travel by 2020. All holidays are fully ATOL and TTA protected providing 100% financial protection to their guests. Party Hard Travel were the Travel Network Group’s member of the year for 2017, beating over 600 established travel agents. The company was founded by University of Portsmouth graduates Nathan Cable and Barry Moore in 2014.

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