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Facebook Live Series 2017

The Alumni Association have launched a series of Facebook Live events which will be broadcast via the Alumni Association's Facebook page throughout the year. We will be hearing live panel discussions from alumni and University staff who are experienced in crowdfunding, employability and entrepreneurship. You can join us for the live discussions and real life examples from alumni who are at various stages in their careers and working in different industries, or catch up on the discussion here. 

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4 ways to get noticed in a competitive employment market

Thursday 28 September 2017, 1pm - 1:30pm

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Karen Blackett OBE: From graduate to successful business woman

Thursday 16 November 2017, 1pm - 1:30pm


Female Entrepreneurship: Taking your business to the next level

On Thursday 27 July, the University’s Alumni Association went live with the second edition of their Facebook Live Series: Female Entrepreneurship: Taking your business to the next level.  Streamed live from Portland building, panelists discussed the steps they took in starting their own business, advice they would give to others and how they balanced work, life and study. 

Gemma Frith, television and broadcasting graduate, presented the event and welcomed alumna Stephanie Marshall, Architectural Designer and Founder of Sea Salt 47, alumna Leonora Asomanin, Director & Founder of Là Mo Designs, and Amy Doyle, Support Officer in the University’s Research and Innovation department who runs the Female Entrepreneurs Network.

The panel discussed how and why they took the next step to become an entrepreneur, challenges they encountered on their journey to becoming a business owner,  and the support services provided by the University including the Female Entrepreneurs Network. 

Questions, submitted during the event from the live online audience, asked how the panelists use social media to market their business, and if they were aware of or used any funding services for their start up? 

The next event in the series, 4 ways to get noticed in a competitive employment market, will be streamed live from the Alumni Association’s Facebook page on Thursday 28 September 2017, 1pm - 1.30pm. 

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How to create a successful crowdfunding campaign.

On Thursday 25 May, the University’s Alumni Association were excited to launch their 2017 Facebook Live Series. The first event in the series saw current students and alumni take part in a live discussion on How to create a successful crowdfunding campaign, streamed live from Cell Block Studios in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. 
Final year Television and Broadcasting student Gemma Frith welcomed Professor Joe Cox, Director of Undergraduate Programmes in Economics here at the University of Portsmouth, Rikki Parsons, alumnus and co-founder of DICE who successfully raised £11,662 via crowdfunding for Portsmouth’s first board-gaming cafe, and Krasimira Butseva, alumna and founder of Revolv, who is currently in the initial stages of a crowdfunding campaign for her startup company that aims to support emerging artists.
The panel members discussed their experience and knowledge of creating and managing a crowdfunding campaign, and the fundamental lessons learnt throughout the process.  Audiences were taught the principles of crowdfunding, the research Professor Cox is undertaking and top tips which recommended anyone thinking of developing a crowdfunding campaign to do their research, build their social networks, and to be realistic. 
Audience members submitted questions during the filming which asked how the finance is operated and the time frame of a crowdfunding project.  

Whether you want to learn more about crowdfunding, or want to see highlights of the event, you can watch the highlights or full version here.