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Graduation Memories

Graduation Memories

As the academic year slowly draws to a close, graduation is fast approaching so we took the opportunity to look back at some alumni memories of their graduation day... 

I remember when...

Bethany Reynolds, 2008

"I was six weeks pregnant at my graduation. I got married during my second year of study. We'd been together since we were teenagers. Unfortunately my husband couldn't make it to my graduation as he was away at sea with the Royal Navy!"

Alex Srdic, 2013

"This is the face that happens when throwing the caps up in celebration for my first graduation."

Sharon Buckingham, 1995

"Three words is hard! End of an era, it was the culmination of the best three years of my life!"

Sian Bird, 2004

"My 7 month old daughter got to attend my graduation wearing her own mini mortar board made by my husband. She even wore a blue and purple dress. Mind you she slept through whole ceremony!

Gemma Leanne Ward, 2013

"The day was exciting, emotional and hot (as it was absolutely roasting trying to stand on the steps in the sun and black robes. I think it was the hottest day of the year!)"

William Poon, 2000

"Three word review... Sunny. Emotional. Optimistic.

Mohd Shafian Noordin, 1998

"It was a joyful and historical moment!"

Natalie Meddings, 1996

"I will never forget my mum practically sticking a safety pin through my dress into me, just so my gown would sit nice."

Ndubuisi Aja, 2012



“It was a big day for me! I captured the whole day on video, from dressing up in the Sports Hall right until the second when I was called up on stage. I remember the Vice Chancellor had a problem pronouncing my complex name on stage, which made the moment rather amusing.”

Gemma Lake, 2015

"I vividly remember looking up at the Guildhall in my cap and gown, and having a flashback of my first year, when I was stood in exactly the same spot, doubting whether or not I'd get through the next three years. That was the best feeling of all."

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