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Competitive advantage drives University's new brand

The national and international higher education market grows increasingly competitive each year, as Universities vie to attract more new students, and new business and research partnerships. In response, the University is refreshing its brand with the aim of reflecting its current ambitions and growing reputation worldwide.

This autumn, the University’s visual identity, including its new ‘UP’ logo - a powerful, positive image, which depicts the University’s trajectory in just two letters - is being introduced. This logo is inspired by the feedback and ideas of staff, students, alumni, international and community partners. During the rebrand consultation exercise, they said the University stood for flexibility, energy, new directions and a strong sense of place.

Alumni contributions in numbers

Between January and March this year, many alumni contributed to the University’s extensive rebrand consultation activities. The consultation exercise was well received, and resulted in:

  • 10,000+ students, staff, alumni and international partners telling the University what it stood for and shared their views on the logo options

  • 1,247 alumni contributed to the consultation (12.5%)

  • 288 alumni (15% of the total) completed a survey on brand proposition and messages

  • 959 alumni (14% of the total) completed a survey on the logo options

Brand is more than a logo

The unveiling of the new logo is just the starting point of an 18-month rollout plan to revitalise the University’s brand. The University is using its new visual identity as an opportunity to develop an external presence that reflects more effectively who it is today, and its future ambitions in the national and international education sector.

While the physical value of the University can be calculated, it is the perceptions of staff, students, alumni and partners that really determine the value of the brand in the marketplace. The careers and successes of Portsmouth alumni play a key role in building and contributing to the University’s brand worldwide.