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Portsmouth graduates' royal weddings

Portsmouth graduates' royal weddings

You've probably been hearing lots about the small event (!!!) that is the royal wedding, taking place at Windsor Castle on Saturday 19 May 2018, where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will tie the knot. To mark the occasion, we asked University of Portsmouth alumni, who met at Portsmouth, to get in touch and tell us about their romantic journeys since graduating. Let's just say the halls of residence have a lot to answer for...! 

Stephanie and James Hindmarch.jpg

James and Stephanie Hindmarch

...met in The Registry and have been together 13 years (married 7 of those)! James studied Financial Decision Analysis (2004 graduate) and Stephanie studied Human Resource Management with Psychology (2006 graduate). 

Michael and Alison Simpson - IND.jpg

Michael and Alison Simpson

...met in Bateson Halls in 2009 when Michael knocked on Ali's flat. Michael studied Maths and Ali studied Journalism, both graduating in 2012. After their first year at the University of Portsmouth, they moved into houses down the same road in Fratton and later married in 2017!

Adam and Melinda West IND.jpg

Adam and Melinda Spencer

...also met in The Registry in 2003 and have been married for 8 years! Adam studied Criminology and Melinda studied Media Studies, and both graduated in 2006. They have 2 girls. 

David and Jennifer Sherriff IND.jpg

David and Jennifer Sherriff

...have been together for 14 years (married 6 of those!) after meeting in Bateson Halls in 2003 and getting together in 2004. Jennifer studied Hospitality Business Management (2007 graduate) and David begun his studies at Portsmouth in 2003. They have 3 sons: Oliver, Alexander and Sebastian. 

Soumyarup and Carlota2.jpg

Soumyarup Roy and Carlota Rincon Munoz

...have been together for 3 years since meeting at the University of Portsmouth when Soumyarup was studying Mechanical Engineering and Carlota did her Erasmus year in Film and Creative Writing, both graduating in 2015. They are planning on getting married soon!

Rev Philip and Carol Morgan IND.jpg

Rev. Philip and Carol Morgan

...met in 1971 whilst both studying Geography and Geology at Portsmouth Polytechnic. They married in 1974 and moved to the USA in 1984 with their 3 children. Philip and Carol will be celebrating their 44th wedding anniversary in September! 

Adam Tyler and Laura Wilson.jpg

Adam Tyler and Laura Patricia Wilson

...first met at Tiger Tiger, the first night of Fresher's Week in 2007. Adam worked at the Students' Union and studied Construction Engineering, and Laura was the Editor of the Pugwash Newspaper and studied English and Creative Writing. They began dating in 2009 and after 8 years together, they are planning their wedding for 2019!  

Rebecca Hams and George Savoury.jpeg

Rebecca Hams and George Savoury

...have been together for 3 years and moved in together earlier this year! They first met in Bateson Halls in September 2014 where their flats were next door to each other, and later discovered they were also course mates. Both graduating in 2017, Rebecca studied History and George studied History and American Studies. 

Mark and Georgia Witton-Maclean.jpg

Mark and Georgia Witton-Maclean

...met on a boat ride around Portsmouth Harbour, organised by the University to welcome new students. Mark had already graduated in 2005 but was studying a PhD when Georgia joined Portsmouth to study Palaeobiology and Evolution. Mark was working with the University on a pterosaurs (extinct flying reptiles) exhibition and Georgia asked to join the project. After becoming good friends, Mark and Georgia got together a year later and eventually married in 2014! 

Alan and Sarah Marsh.jpg

Alan and Sarah Marsh

...met in 1982 when they both lived in Bateson Hall - flats D6 and D8. Alan studied Economics and Geography (1983 graduate) and Sarah studied Psychology (1985 graduate). After getting together in November 1982, Alan and Sarah bought their first home in 1988, got married in 1992 and have 2 children together. An impressive 36 years together this year! 

Mike and Nicole Rayner IND.jpg

Mike and Nicole Rayner

...have been together since 2007 after meeting in the Students' Union in 2005. Mike studied Sports Development followed by a Master's in International Human Resource Management, and a PhD in Philosophy of Science. Nicole studied Leisure Management and Marketing and graduated in 2007. They've been married for 7 years and have 3 children together! 

Mike and Lizzie Williams IND.jpg

Mike and Lizzie Williams

...both 2015 graduates, met in the corridor of Rees Hall on the first day of coming to University in September 2011. Mike studied Computer Science and Lizzie studied Spanish. They're newlyweds after getting married in April this year!  

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