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New children's author publishes first book

New children's author publishes first book

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Alumnus Dr Garry Dix graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a Professional Doctorate in Health Science and has recently published his first book: Brian Brackbrick and the Hazard of Harry Hatman. It’s the first story in a series of books for children aged 6-9 years. 

About the book

The star of the book is the 10-year old Brian Brackbrick, who is the 138th cleverest person in the whole world and who NEVER leaves the house without a hat. With the help of his loyal best friend – George Bum – Brian Brackbrick is always there to stop any crazy plans or outrageous schemes that endanger his town or the people who live there.

Brian Brackbrick has a supporting cast of quirky characters, including Fancy Nancy Sprinkle (who runs the cake shop and can make any kind of cake you want, out of whatever ingredient you can think of), and Dr. Harley Letters, the town’s smart and stylish librarian (who can find any book in the library straight away). Other characters who will be brought into the stories and developed as the series progresses include the eccentric Morris Hawkwind from the music shop, the smarmy Raymond Rings from the jewellery shop and the rude and very shouty Mr. Carl Scorpion.

In this first book, Brian Brackbrick finds that Old Mr. Hatston from the hat shop has disappeared overnight and the rather odd Harry Hatman is in his place, with no explanation. Brian and George’s investigations lead to an over-sized bowler hat, a strange trip for Mr. Brackbrick and a terribly exciting showdown in the hat shop.

Brian Brackbrick also uncovers the existence of the mysterious Mr. Sparker, who seems to be behind the events in the town – but no-one knows exactly who this is….

The identity of Mr. Sparker is the mystery that will play out over the course of the series, with the shocking reveal yet to come!

About the author

In his day job, Dr. G. R. Dix is Regulatory Expert and Safety Assessor for a multinational fragrance house. He holds a Doctorate in Health Science and is also qualified in Medical Toxicology. He is an active member of various committees and working groups within the fragrance and cosmetic industry.

Outside of work, he considers his most important role in life to be that of proud Grandad to three special boys, to whom this book is dedicated. He is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI).

Garry's book is available to buy from Amazon.

If you have had any work published since graduating, then please get in touch.

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