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Portsmouth graduate wins Ghana’s rising star award

Portsmouth graduate wins Ghana’s rising star award

A University of Portsmouth graduate has won the first Rising Star award by in Ghana’s Energy Awards in recognition of his career success and contribution to the energy sector.

Dr Ishmael Ackah is advisor to Ghana’s Minister of Planning on Energy. He studied his PhD in in Energy Economics and Policy at the University of Portsmouth, graduating in 2015.

Ishmael’s award was in recognition of development of a petroleum governance index to measure oil and gas governance in Ghana.

Ishmael holds a PhD in Energy Economics and Policy from the University of Portsmouth, UK.

In addition to his full-time job, he is a lecturer at the Institute of Oil and Gas Studies, University of Cape Coast and the Department of Economics, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

Ishmael’s research interests include sustainable energy development, renewable energy economics, political economy of petroleum resources management, natural resource governance, electricity sector governance and economic planning. He has more than 20 peer refereed publications.

Speaking to Ghanaian media, he said: “There are many great young guys and ladies doing well in the energy sector, so to win this is a great honour. It is also a source of encouragement which will inspire me to do more.

“We need to develop a national policy for oil revenue investment. That is there should be an investment guideline and strong monitoring system to make sure Ghanaians benefit from the oil resources.

“In addition, it should be mandatory in law to refine not less than 60 per cent of Ghana’s share of oil domestically. This can only be done if we invest in the capacity, efficiency and operations of the Tema oil refinery and future ones and allow them to operate as commercial entities. This will open the oil sector, promote value addition, create jobs and save the country some foreign exchange.”

The Ghana Energy Awards were given to 20 corporations and individuals for innovation, achievement and excellence in helping to grow the country’s power, oil and gas sectors.

The judges included international energy experts with experience in regulation, policy making, corporate leadership, trading and strategic consulting.

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